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Identifying your Founder

Listing of Those Accepted as Founders by the Order of the Founders & Patriots of America, from Its Establishment in 1896 to the Present.

Genealogy has come a long way since the 1890s, when “because I say so” was accepted as “proof.” Genealogy owes an unequaled debt to the late, great Donald Lines Jacobus, who brought genealogical standards to the current proof levels. The Order owes a similar debt to the remarkable work of Meredith B. Colket, Jr., whose Founders of Early American Families has served as the “Bible” for the Order. However, during the compilation of the listing here, it was found that Colket was occasionally incorrect. One reason for these errors was that he relied very often on published genealogies rather than primary proofs, and these genealogies were often faulty. However, not all accepted Founders were listed by Colket, and errors were discovered in several of these cases. In the compilation of the listings below, the current compiler used multiple sources (town vital records; other town and/or county records; reliable histories; articles in The American Genealogist, the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, and other reputable journals; and the work of the remarkable Robert Charles Anderson, compiler of the Great Migration project, etc.) to establish the veracity of the claims.

These listings will continue to be updated as future applicants establish new Founders. Therefore, any forthcoming revisions will be welcome and given full consideration. In addition, the listings herein will be revised if such submissions are found to be of merit.

The Founders below may be cited from this listing as source when applying to the Order, citing as “Listing of Those Accepted as Founders by the Order of the Founders & Patriots of America, OFPA website.” OFPA Society Registrars should consult this list prior to approving any application. If a proposed Founder has not previously been claimed, be sure of solid, legitimate documentation according to contemporary genealogical standards.

This listing was initiated by Governor General Col. Charles Clement Lucas, Jr., M.D., who enlisted then-Registrar General Prof. Timothy Lester Jacobs to compile the list. The Order expresses gratitude for their initiative and effort.

Researching your Founder and Patriot

Several excellent resources are available to research your patriot ancestors. For example, the Daughters of the American Revolution has an online research tool linked to the records of their approved applications. Similarly, but less self-guided, is the genealogical research service of the Society of Sons of the American Revolution.  Below is a current roster of founders from Founders and Patriots of America .    All on the listing are recognized for membership

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