The Order of the Founders and Patriots of America

The General Officers of the Order hold office for two years or until their successor is elected and installed. In addition, there are Councilors General, comprised of a representative of each Society, who hold office for three years. All General Officers are elected at the General Court – the Councilors General are elected at the election meeting.

General Officers
Edward Charles Horton
Governor General
Thomas Allen Smart
Deputy Governor General
James Duncan Berry PhD.
Secretary General
Sean Patrick Redmond
Deputy Secretary General
Jonathan Shane Newcombe
Treasurer General
Phoenix Austin Harris
Deputy Treasurer General
Tracy Ashley Crocker
Registrar General
Sumner Gary Hunnewell Jr.
Deputy Registrar General
Shervin Bahi Hawley
Genealogist General
Michael Perry Schenk
Deputy Genealogist General
Walter Jervis Sheffield
Attorney General
Matthew David Dupee
Deputy Attorney General
Brian Richard Marsh
Chaplain General
Robert Todd Giffin
Deputy Chaplain General
Michael Ernest Weyler Ph.D.
Historian General
Robert Joseph Walcott Jr.
Deputy Historian General

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